Gov't to issue 5,000 land plots to Male' City residents

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has said the government would provide over 5,000 land plots in the Greater Male' Area for residents of the city. He made the announcement in his Presidential Address at the start of the first session of Parliament for the year on Thursday.

In his address, the president said housing issues are the biggest challenges faced by the nation's people. He said that the administration is working to remedy the issue in both the atolls and Greater Male.

President Solih said he felt that the talk around resolving housing issues in the capital is more prominent than the actual efforts carried out to remedy the situation. However, the President said the current administration would resolve the housing plight of Male' City residents before the end of its term. He noted that 5,000 housing units are being constructed in reclaimed suburbs Hulhumale', and said an additional 2,000 units had been planned for Hulhumale'.

The president also announced that 5,000 land plots will be provided to residents of Male' City. The administration’s plan includes the provision of at least 1,000 land plots from Hulhumalé and 2,000 plots from Gulhifalhu, which would commence in June. Another 2,000 land plots would be made available from Giraavaru Falhu, said the President. The Thilamalé bridge—linking Male', Villimalé, Gulhifalhu, and Thilafushi Islands—would be devised to reach Giraavaru Falhu. President Solih went on to assure the residents of Male' City that he would address their housing needs before the end of his term.

The President also provided information on housing projects being carried out in the atolls. He said that work on 2,180 housing units is ongoing at different stages. He added that over MVR 43 million had been issued to 82 individuals under the 'Gedhoruveriyaa Scheme'.