Finishing works of some gov't housing projects underway: Minister

Planning Minister Mohamed Aslam today said that the finishing work of some flat buildings being constructed under the government's housing policy is underway.

Imthiyaz Fahmy, MP for Maafannu North, asked how many sheets had been laid of the 4,000 social housing projects announced by the government and the details of pending work.

In his response, the minister said the finishing works of some buildings are underway.

"I do not know exactly how many sheets have been laid. I can say for sure that there is a good amount of progress. Concrete work of some buildings has been completed, and finishing work is underway," Aslam said.

Minister Aslam said he visited a mockup flat of the 4,000 housing units being built by two Indian companies. The minister said although the mockup flats are furnished, the completed flats would not be furnished.

The Fahi Dhiriulhun Corporation completed its flat project in Hulhumale' and showed a mockup in January this year. The flats will be available for occupancy in August this year. The towers will have two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments. The two-bedroom apartments are 650 sqft, while the three-bedroom apartments are 900 sqft.