Recipients of company flats must also meet criteria: Ministry

Planning Minister Mohamed Aslam today said that a state company's employees could be issued flats from company-financed buildings only if they meet the eligibility criteria.

Replying to a question by Maafannu Central MP Ibrahim Rasheed (Bonde) at Wednesday's Parliament session, Minister Aslam said housing categories have been identified. In this regard, the social housing category, affordable housing category, and upper-income housing categories have been defined in detail, he said.

"Even if a company constructs a tower to issue flats for their employees, they must meet the criteria. I have no problem with a building being built at the expense of a company reserving part of the building for its employees. However, recipients have to meet the criteria," Aslam said.

According to the minister, the housing categories were determined before the COVID-19 pandemic, and some MPs were involved in the process. Aslam noted that the government announced the current social housing programs with these criteria.

Aslam said social housing should be available only to someone who fits that category. A person who owns a flat should not be eligible for social housing, he said.

Aslam's comments amid allegations that Urbanco has been distributing flats from Hulhumale to its employees. The minister said even Urbanco had been instructed to issue flats according to the policies in place.