Criteria for land plots to include not owning land larger than 600 sqft

Land will be issued to permanent residents of Male' City if they do not already own land bigger than 600 square feet, the Planning Minister, Mohamed Aslam, has said.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih recently announced that land plots would be issued to permanent residents of Male' City at no cost. In this regard, the government would provide 1,000 plots of land from Hulhumalé, at least 2,000 plots of land from Gulhifalhu, and an additional 2,000 plots from reclaiming Giraavarufalhi to residents of Malé.

During Monday's Parliament sitting, Galolhu South MP Mikaaeel Naseem asked the minister what the requirements would be to qualify for the land plots issued by the government.

The minister said applicants must not own land 600 square feet or bigger and must not receive land bigger than 600 feet even through inheritance. If an individual inherits land after receiving a land plot, they must let it go if its size is bigger than 600 square feet, the minister said.

Minister Aslam said the children of those registered in the 'Dhaftharu' may apply for land in Male' if they are registered in the Dhaftharu themselves.

Noting further that age would be considered in issuing land plots, the minister said the scoring is different for different age groups. He acknowledged that there may be issues with finance raising for some applicants, and age is a factor that would affect the capability, he noted.

'The scoring will be different for different ages. Eighteen years, 25 years, 65 years.. Even if an individual receives a plot, they may have issues raising the required finance. When giving marks for age, we do not plan to consider their marital status. However, if they submit joint applications with their spouse, we will have a separate scoring for them,' Aslam said.

Additionally, the government will also consider the living standard of applicants when issuing land. However, the criteria for the category have not been formulated yet, the minister said.