Decentralised services necessary to provide assistance to the vulnerable: Minister

Gender Minister Aishath Mohamed Didi has said a decentralized system is necessary to provide services to those sidelined from the community.

Speaking at a function held in V. Felidhoo to inaugurate 'Ibama' and an initiative training program, the minister said 'Ibama' or community social workers program would provide the necessary care and assistance to the vulnerable. The minister said 73 individuals from three islands had completed the Ibama training to date.

The minister said the Ibama program was commenced under the leadership of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. She further said that the government's policy is to ensure that every citizen resides in a safe and peaceful environment.

While Ibama members from each island are island residents, the minister said this would allow the community social groups to identify the social issues on the island and find solutions. It would be easiest for island residents themselves to reach out to the vulnerable people in the community and offer them the assistance that they need, she said.

The minister further said those who complete the Ibama training would work closely with the community and identify and address issues before it escalates.

Ibama training programs have been conducted in Adh., Sh. atoll, and Fuvahmulah City.