Revised pay structure for teachers to be publicized soon

The National Pay Commission has said the revised pay structure for education sector employees would be publicized very soon.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih last week announced that the salaries of teachers and those in the education sector would be raised in May.

The Pay Commission said the salary structure is being formulated in liaison with relevant ministries. The work will be completed soon, and the new pay structure and other information will be publicized after that.

The President of the Civil Service Commission, Mohamed Nasih, said the commission would undertake the required work to enforce the President's decision to raise the wages of education sector employees.

'The government established minimum wage last November. We made the new structure by January and are enforcing it. Therefore, there is no reason why we can revise the teachers' salary structure again by May. We will do it,' he said.

The President made the announcement regarding teachers' salaries at the Presidential Address delivered at the start of the first session of the Parliament for the year. The President said the enormous responsibility of building the country is borne by the teachers who build the country's children and that it is a pledge of the current administration to raise the wages of those in the education sector. In this regard, the salary of those working in the sector will be raised in May. As per the President, with this change, the salary of a graduate-level secondary teacher will increase from MVR 12,628 to MVR 19,740, excluding overtime. This is a 56 percent increase.

It is a presidential pledge of President Solih to raise teachers' salaries.

The most number of civil servants work in the teaching sector. In this year's national budget, MVR 4.1 billion was allocated for the education sector. Out of this, MVR 2.3 billion is written as expense for teachers.