PCR testing no longer required when traveling to islands

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) has said PCR testing is no longer required to travel within the Maldives.

HPA mandated PCR testing for those traveling from Male' to the islands on January 9, when the COVID-19 situation in the Maldives deteriorated significantly. However, not much was done to ensure that the guidelines were enforced in recent days as the situation improved in Male'.

HPA on Monday announced changes to the COVID-19 guidelines for the Greater Male' Area. As per the most recent changes, PCR testing is no longer required for travel within the Maldives. Furthermore, the limit on attendees for events and ceremonies held in Male'has been lifted. However, HPA said its guidelines must still be followed when holding such events.

HPA also said spectators would be allowed to attend sporting events held per HPA guidelines.

The Maldives' COVID-19 situation was concerning for approximately two months before improving over the last few weeks. However, the number of samples tested has also reduced in recent weeks.