Accident victim not declared dead, says ADK

ADK Hospital has said accident victim Aminath Eman has not been declared yet.

Aminath Eman, 29, a Male' City Council's Women's Development Committee member, met with an accident late Sunday afternoon in Hulhumale'. Eman was speeding when she hit a speed breaker and suffered a serious fall around 4:25 pm.

She was first taken to Hulhumale Hospital approximately 20 minutes after the accident and was later transferred to ADK Hospital's Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Eman suffered a head injury which caused her brain to bleed. According to reports, her skull was cracked, causing severe injuries to her brain.

ADK's comment regarding her condition comes while several media outlets had reported that Eman had succumbed to her injuries based on comments by her family and Male' City Council officials.

When asked about Eman's health by AVAS, ADK Hospital's Managing Director said Eman's doctors had not medically declared her dead and remained on ventilator support.