Parliament approves maternity leave for judges

The Parliament has approved to amend the Judges Act to provide paid maternity leave to judges.

The bill on maternity leave of judges was submitted by Kanditheemu MP Abdulla Shaheem Abdul Hakeem on November 22 last year. The Parliament's Judiciary Committee reviewed the bill and approved to provide maternity leave to judges on March 23. The Parliament voted on the bill on Monday, and the bill was passed with the unanimous vote of 57 members who took part in the vote.

The newly approved amendment would provide six months of paid maternity leave to female judges who give birth. Male judges will receive one month of paternity leave.

In March 2019, paid maternity leave of six months and paternity leave of one month were facilitated for civil servants and those working in state-owned enterprises and some other state entities.

PRoviding maternity and paternity leave to government employees is a presidential pledge of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.