COVID-19: Positivity rate in Male' area falls to eight percent

The COVID-19 positivity rate in the Greater Male' Region has decreased to eight percent. This is the lowest positivity rate recorded in the capital area this year.

The statistics issued by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) show the positivity rate was at three percent in December 2021 and increased to four percent in January 2022. After January 23, the rate rose steadily, reaching 18 percent between January 12 and 18.

The situation deteriorated further, and the possibility rate climbed to 45 percent between January 26 and February 1. After that, on February 9, the rate started declining and is currently at 8 percent.

The positivity rate in the atolls was at 12 percent from December 2021 until January 12 this year. However, the rate increased to 23 percent between January 12 and 18 and increased to 43 percent by February 1. Between February 2 and 23, the rate crossed 40 percent but has now fallen to 44 percent.

The overall positivity rate across the Maldives is currently at 18 percent. During the height of the most recent wave of infections, the average positivity rate in the Maldives was at 36 percent.