Claims regarding party's presidential candidate untrue: JP

The ruling coalition partner, Jumhooree Party, has refuted claims that the party would not be putting forth a candidate for the 2023 Presidential Election.

The claim was first stated by Jumhooree Party MP Ahmed Mubeen. A statement he posted on social media said a JP candidate would not be contesting in the presidential election and that the party would be having discussions with other parties regarding the formation of a coalition. All parties would be included in the talks, he had said.

Regarding the claim, Ilham Ahmed, Advisor to JP's leader Gasim Ibrahim, said Mubeen's comments regarding the party's stand on the election were untrue. He said no discussion had taken place thus far at the party's council and leadership level regarding the formation of a coalition.

The advisor further said the party's leader Gasim would contest as a presidential candidate as long as the party's Congress or council does not decide otherwise.

Earlier in 2021, Gasim had announced that a candidate from JP would be joining the presidential race in 2023.