JP candidate's running mate and council members endorse Pres Solih

Dr. Ameen Ibrahim, the running mate of Jumhooree Party (JP) leader Qasim Ibrahim during the first round of the presidential election, along with many JP Council members, have officially endorsed incumbent President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih for the second round of the presidential election. This endorsement was made at a campaign event held at Male' Sosun Jagaha on a Saturday night.

Although several members of the JP council have backed President Solih, the JP party itself has refrained from formally endorsing any candidate for the second round. The party's President, Qasim Ibrahim, has stated that party members are free to support their preferred candidate in the second round.

During his speech at Saturday's rally, Dr. Ameen Ibrahim explained that he and several other JP council members decided to back President Solih after he addressed and clarified government issues and provided assurances. He emphasized that the votes received by the JP in the initial presidential election should not be viewed as the true measure of support for the JP. Dr. Ameen assured that a significant number of JP members would vote for President Solih in the second round.