Islamic Ministry begins collecting Zakat-al-Fitr

The Islamic Ministry has commenced the collection of Zakat-al-Fitr.

Zakat Al-Fitr is an obligation upon every Muslim that has to be completed in the assigned time. This is a generous practice of Islam that connects the rich with the poor, and the poor with the poorer, thus eliminating poverty and reducing the disparity gap between the rich and the poor.

The ministry said Zakat can be paid from April 1 to 29. Currently, payments are being collected via SMS or online. The ministry said Zakat can be paid online through Dhiraagu's DhiraaguPay, Ooredoo m-Faisaa, Maldives Islamic Bank (MIB) 's FaisaMobile, Bank of Maldives (BML) 's portal, Finance Ministry's Bandeyri portal, and FahiPay application.

Those unfamiliar with online payment modes can pay Zakat at the Islamic Ministry's hall from April 3 until April 29. Payments will be collected between 10:00 am and 01:00 pm.

The amount for Zakat that has to be paid per individual is money worth 2.4 kg of the type of rice grain used by the person. This is approximately MVR 12 for those who use regular rice grains, MVR 77 for those who consume Thailand white rice grains, and MVR 77 for those who use regular Basmati Rice. While MVR 90 must be paid for high-quality Basmati Rice and MVR 132 for premium-grade Basmati Rice, red rice is equivalent to MVR 72. The rate for regular flour is equal to MVR 12 and MVR 75 for Atta flour.

Unlike other years, the payer may decide which island their Zakat is contributed to.