MVR 9 mln received as Fit Zakat

The Islamic Affairs ministry has announced that it received MVR 9 million as Fitr Zakat at the end of Ramadan.

According to the Islamic Ministry, 175,485 individuals paid the obligatory Fitr Zakat to the ministry. The Zakat has already been deposited into the accounts of the poor registered in the Male' area. In this regard, a total of MVR 5.9 million was deposited to 1,736 individuals on Thursday at the rate of MVR 3,450 per person.

The Islamic Ministry's register of the poor includes 8,446 people. Zakat money will be distributed to the poor in the islands from the money received by the island councils.

The ministry has also distributed 12,989.3 kg of wheat received as Zakat to the poor. The ministry has not yet decided what to do with the undistributed MVR 3 million remaining from the amount collected as Zakat by the ministry.

The amount received as Fitr Zakat is increasing year by year, according to the statistics of the ministry. This year, MVR 9 million was collected as Fitr Zakat as against MVR 7.9 million last year. In 2021, the ministry received MVR 6.7 million.