Hiyaa Union shares concerns with Male' Mayor

The Hiyaa Union has shared their concerns with Male' City Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu.

In a meeting with the Mayor held Thursday, the Union shared concerns about the Housing Development Corporation (HDC)'s decision to begin rent collection on the Hiyaa flats coinciding with the holy month of Ramadan.

The Union also expressed concern about the roads constructed near the Hiyaa towers. They noted that street lamps were not installed on the streets, and the pavements were not built.

Furthermore, they highlighted that some essential services were still unavailable in the Hiyaa tower area. Other difficulties faced by Hiyaa flat tenants were also shared with the Mayor.

During the meeting, the Mayor encouraged the Union to continue their efforts to resolve the issues they faced. He assured them that the City Council would assist them in any way it could.

The main complaint of the Hiyaa Union is the high rent charged for the flats. While tenants have to pay a maintenance fee of MVR 1,000 on top of MVR 7,500 as monthly rent, HDC has said it cannot revise the rent charged.