Research on cancer being conducted in the Maldives

A research is being conducted in the Maldives to identify the reasons for increasing cancer cases in the country. The information was disclosed by Health Minister Ahmed Naseem in a ceremony held Friday night to mark World Health Day.

The Minister said the research is conducted jointly with the World Health Organization (WHO). The study will assess links between Maldivian's diets, health issues, and cancer.

'Health issues caused by diet and environment are being identified, and the reason why people in the Maldives are prone to cancer is also being studied jointly with WHO,' the Minister said.

A cancer research is being conducted while the number of cancer cases in the Maldives keeps increasing year on year. Official statistics show over 100 people died in the Maldives from cancer-related causes in 2020.

The government is working on developing a designated hospital for cancer treatment. The hospital is being constructed in L. Gan with the Indian government's assistance. The Health Ministry has previously stated that Maldivians will not have to travel abroad for cancer treatment when the hospital is completed.

The former administration established a special center for cancer treatment at Hulhumale' Hospital. However, radiation treatment is not available at the center. For this reason, several Maldivians frequent other countries for treatment.