Ex-MDP Chairperson says Nasheed would be cast aside if Fayyaz is elected

Main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)'s former Chairperson Hassan Latheef has said the party's upcoming Chairperson Election would become a deciding factor in the party accepting former President Mohamed Nasheed's input regarding contesting in the 2023 Presidential Election. He made the statement while speaking at a post-fast dinner held in Addu City on Tuesday night.

MP Imthiyaz Fahmy and Economic Minister Fayyaz Ismail are contesting for the party's Chairperson seat in the election slated for May 14. Imthiyaz is backed by Parliament Speaker and former President Mohamed Nasheed, Nasheed's family, and his loyal followers, while Fayyaz has the support of the majority of the party's National Council members and top government officials.

At the event organized by Imthiyaz's campaign team held at Nasheed's Office in Addu City, Hassan Latheef said the election's outcome would answer several important questions.

'[The election's outcome would tell] if we are going to cast aside the party's President, President Nasheed, and go ahead with the 2023 election, or whether we will go ahead with the election with Nasheed's foresight, vision, efforts, and connection,' Hassan said.

The former Chairperson said although MDP members would not wish for Nasheed to be disregarded and cast off, a different scenario would play out if Imthiyaz was not elected. If Imthiyaz is elected, Nasheed will remain as the party's President, and the party will face the 2023 Presidential Election with his input, he said.

'MDP members will know for sure that the party cannot win the 2023 election if Nasheed is cast aside and isolated and his input is disregarded. What is clear to me is that if Imthiyaz Fahmy wins the election, the scenario I just described would not play out. Nasheed would continue leading the party as the party's President, and his input and advice will be considered in facing the 2023 election. If not, I do not doubt that things will not play out this way,' Latheef said.