Ex-pres Yameen makes comment on degree of influence on Maldives' govt

Former President of the Maldives Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom has criticized the government's decision to declare the opposition's India Out movement a threat to national security.

On Tuesday, Maldives Police Service removed banners with the 'India Out' slogan hanging from Yameen's home and the PPM office building after President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih issued a Presidential Decree stating that the movement was a threat to the country. The former President was home when police entered the building to remove the banner suspended from his building. However, he left the house soon after.

Upon leaving the building, Yameen was informed by Male' City's Deputy Mayor Ahmed Nareesh that the government had declared the 'India Out' movement a threat to national security via a Presidential Decree. After Naresh summarised what the Decree said, Yameen while entering his car, made a comment on the extent to which the government was under India's influence.

A Presidential Decree signed and issued by the President on Thursday said the National Security Council had decided that the India Out movement was detrimental to national security. The Decree further said the campaign would negatively impact the age-old friendship between Maldives and India and regional security and stability. It also said the campaign violated all international treaties.

The President further noted that the campaign could cost the Maldives its peace and stability and cause severe economic and social challenges. The Decree said that the movement could result in the Maldives being isolated from the international area and affecting bilateral relations with other countries while also causing threats to the country's independence and sovereignty.

The President instructed relevant authorities to enforce the order to stop the movement and its activities.