Fish exports at MVR 190 mln last month

Statistics have shown that fish and fish products worth over MVR 190 million were exported from the Maldives last month.

Maldives Customs Service's official statistics for the month of April show the Maldives exported a large amount of Skipjack tuna last month. In this regard, frozen Skipjack tuna worth over MVR 125 million were exported last month.

The Maldives also exported a large number of various fish products prepared from Skipjack tuna last month. According to Customs, the goods were worth over MVR 26 million.

Additionally, frozen Yellowfin tuna worth over MVR 16 million and fresh Yellowfin tuna worth over MVR 10 million were also exported. Exported fish packaged in cans and pouches were worth MVR 13 million.

Last month, Thailand imported the highest amount of fish products from the Maldives. The country imported fish products worth over MVR 115 million.