MTCC brings in new buses to expand bus services

MTCC has brought more buses to expand its bus services in the Greater Male' area.

MTCC's CEO Adam Azim said the new buses are designed to facilitate easier public transport services for people living in Hulhumale' Phase II.

Azim said the new buses would be in service by next month at the latest. The buses were brought to improve bus services as per the recommendation of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, he said.

People living in Hulhumale' Phase II travel between their neighborhood and Male' by traveling from Phase II to Phase I, and taking a second bus from Phase I to Male'. In March, MTCC introduced a direct bus from Phase II to Male' but the bus does not stop at all bus stops, and the duration between each bus is long. The buses brought to Male' on Wednesday night will eliminate the need for a second bus on the same route and have direct buses between Male' and Phase II, and revamp bus services.

Although have been complaints about the bus service in Hulhumale' Phase II, the public agrees that the quality of the service is being improved day by day.