Development of Vilifushi Airport to be handed over to foreign party without bid

The government is in talks to award the development of Vilifushi Airport to a company without a bid.

The Parliament questioned the Tourism Minister, Dr. Abdulla Mausoom on Monday regarding delays in developing a resort in Th. Kanimaadhoo. Responding to inquiries, the minister said a party was willing to develop Vilifushi Airport and the resort in Kanimaadhoo on a cross-subsidy basis.

"The aim is to develop air transport, especially the development of Vilifushi Airport. Discussions are underway with a party that submitted an unsolicited proposal for cross-subsidy development," Mausoom explained.

AVAS has learned that the government is in talks with a foreign company. However, the government has not disclosed the name of the company.

The government has previously decided to lease islands for resort development and airport development on a cross-subsidy basis. The prices announced for the airport development were reduced after that.

Islands announced for airport development:

Hdh. Makunudhoo - $23.3 million
Sh. Bilaiyfahi- $23.6 million
B. Thulhaadhoo - $21.9 million
Th. Vilufushi - $33.3 million
F. Magoodhoo - $8.2 million
R. atoll - $23.6 million