Gov't implements its own policies, not that of a specific party, says Fisheries Minister

Fisheries Minister Dr. Hussian Rasheed Hassan has said the current administration does not implement the policies of a particular political party. The minister made the statement while responding to questions by Gadhdhoo MP Ahmed Zahir in the Parliament on Wednesday.

MP Ahmed Zahir asked the minister why the Fisheries Ministry was not implementing the main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)'s policies. He further inquired why fishers were not getting a fair price for fish and regarding delays in establishing Neighbourhood Fish Processing Plants in Huvadhu atoll. He questioned if the coalition government found it difficult to implement these policies as they were MDP policies.

In his response, Minister Hussain Rasheed said all policies implemented by the government and in the name of the government were policies of the administration. He said the government is implementing the policies of a coalition government and not the policies of a separate party. He said that every policy is implemented as decided by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

'I can say with confidence that the government is implementing policies that have the approval of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih," he said.

Some MPs from MDP have repeatedly expressed concern that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's government does not prioritize implementing MDP's policies.