5,000 coconut palms brought to tackle coconut shortage

Five thousand coconut palms have been brought to the Maldives to solve the problem of coconut shortage.

Speaking at a discussion meeting aimed at finding a solution to the diseases affecting palm trees in the Maldives, Agriculture Minister Dr. Hussain Rasheed Hassan said 5,000 palm trees had been brought to the Maldives to address coconut shortages due to diseased palm trees.

"The palm trees are currently under quarantine under the custody of our ministry," the minister said.

The palm trees will be distributed to different islands across the Maldives. All will be checked for any diseases before being distributed, the Agriculture Ministry said.

Dr. Hussain Rasheed said public awareness should be raised on the diseases affecting trees in the Maldives and the measures to be taken to eradicate them. Otherwise, the people will not get enough coconut from the Maldives and will always have to rely on imports, he said.

Experts believe the palm trees in the Maldives are suffering from a disease called Sooty mold. Sooty mold is a fungal disease that grows on plants and other surfaces covered by honeydew, a sticky substance created by certain insects.