Parliament committee OKs sharing chatlog with MP Hussain

The Parliament's General Purpose Committee has approved sharing chatlogs where Speaker Mohamed Nasheed accused Henveiru South MP Hussain 'Andhun' Shameem of helping the government to cover up the truth regarding the bombing that targeted him in May 2021.

Nasheed accused MP Hussain and other MPs loyal to the government of helping the government to cover up information regarding the May 6 terror attack in the main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) 's Parliamentary WhatsApp group. The accusation was renewed in a similar group for parliament members.

Following the accusations, MP Hussan requested the Parliament to share the chatlog which showed Nasheed's accusations against him. The Parliament's Secretary-General referred the request to the Parliament's General Purpose Committee.

The General Purpose Committee held two meetings regarding the MP's request and agreed on Wednesday to share the chatlog requested by Hussain. Funadhoo MP Mohamed Shahid proposed to share the chatlog, and Komandoo MP Mohamed Rashid seconded the proposition. Rashid said as the requested chatlog is of the Parliament's official Whatsapp group, the chatlogs must be provided to Hussain. He said the person who sent the messages should take responsibility for them.

The Privileges Committee of Parliament has also taken up a case regarding Nasheed'a allegations against Hussain.

Nasheed's messages in the Whatsapp group said MP Hussain was helping the government to cover up the investigation into the May 6 terror attack.

"I am saying this because I know this; Andhun Hussain is one of the people helping the government to cover this up [May 6 attack]. I swear by God, to my knowledge, you are one of the people helping the government cover up the plot to kill me," Nasheed said.

'Look closely at Hussain's hands. It is tainted with my blood,' another message read.

Responding to Nasheed's messages on the same day, Hussain had said Nasheed would know that he would not do such a thing. He said the allegations against him are not true and that the statement was an outburst by Nasheed at a time he was very upset and agitated.

Hussain described President Nasheed's allegations as made to coincide with the recent MDP chairmanship election. He said there should be a limit to making accusations, and supporting and working with a particular candidate was not a reason to make false accusations.

Hussain added that his rights and privileges had been violated due to a baseless allegation suggesting his involvement in the bombing. He said President Nasheed's comments put his life in danger.