JSC takes disciplinary action against Hulhumale' Court's Chief Magistrate

The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has decided to take disciplinary action against the Chief Magistrate of Hulhumale' Magistrate Court, Siyama Mohamed.

The JSC decided to take action against Siyama over an order issued to release a person in custody in connection with a case filed in the Hulhumale' Magistrate's Court.

The JSC said Siyama issued the order to release a detainee after determining that 'no evidence other than his criminal record has been submitted'. However, the order was issued after the police submitted a document to the court stating that there was other evidence in addition to his criminal record.

The JSC said it was known that Siyama acted against the facts in issuing the order and had not considered the evidence in the case. When she announced in court that the detainee was being released, she had failed to mention that she had considered the fact that there was no other evidence other than the accused's criminal history, JSC said.

"The investigation proves that Chief Magistrate Siyama Mohamed acted irresponsibly in this matter," the JSC said in a statement.

The JSC has decided to advise Siyama and ask her to complete a training program as her actions are against the code of conduct for judges.