Monopolization of essential services is not what the people deserve: Mayor

Male' City Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has said basic services being "monopolized" is not what the people deserve. Muizzu said this in a tweet while criticism was aimed at utility company STELCO during a power outage in a large part of the city on Tuesday.

Stelco supplies electricity to the Greater Male' Region, which includes Male', Villimale', Hulhumale', and the industrial island Thilafushi.

In a tweet with a photo showing Chapter 10 of the Local Government Act on "Public Services", Muizzu said it is important to have a second party to provide electricity, water, and sewerage services in the city as stipulated in the Local Government Act. He added that providing essential services in a monopolized manner is not what the people deserve. He described it as an unfair practice.

Muizzu has previously criticized the water company MWSC for delays in receding floodwaters in the capital city. MWSC provides water and sewerage services to the city.

MWSC and STELCO were also asked by the City Council to reopen some roads in the city since the new council began its term.