Motion submitted at Parliament over political party membership issues

A motion has been submitted at the Parliament over concerns on the policies being followed in admitting and expelling people from political parties. The motion was moved by Velidhoo MP Mohamed Abdulla Shaeeq in Tuesday's session.

The motion said that members were admitted to political parties, transferred to other parties, and expelled from parties without any involvement of the people. The motion further said some parties were missing Article 30 of the Constitution, which states that every citizen has the right to participate in political activities.

The actions of such individuals can deprive those who wish to work for a particular political ideology of that right and their choice. Political parties are receiving unfair financial benefits and losses in the name of these people, it said.

The motion further said the Election Commission's procedure in dealing with membership-related complaints was causing additional problems. The motion said that such practices are causing the people to lose trust in the political party system and cause further inconvenience to the general public.

A large number of individuals have been registered to political parties without their knowledge in recent weeks. While the public and political parties have voiced concern on the matter, the Elections Commission also agrees that this is a major issue that needs to be addressed.