Former Asst. AG elected as Bar Council President

Former Assistant Attorney General Ismail Visham has been elected as the President of the Bar Council for the next three years.

Lawyer Mohamed Faisal contested against Visham for the President post at the Bar Council's General Meeting held Saturday. While Visham received 270 vote, Faisal received 182 votes.

Mizna Ahmed ran uncontested for the Deputy President post. Therefore, a yes-no vote was conducted. Mizna received 281 votes in favor of her election, while 156 votes were cast against her.

Former Prosecutor General Ahmed Muizzu, Ibrahim Shameel, and Sadih Naseer were also elected as members of the Bar Council's Executive Committee.

The current President of the Bar Council is Maumoon Hameed. The Vice-President is former Attorney General Abdulla Muizzu.