State files charges against man who bit off ex-wife's finger

The state has filed five charges against a man who bit off part of a woman's finger.

Ali Hassan, 31, from G. Cherryhouse entered a house in Ga.Villingili without permission and assaulted four people inside the home last month. He bit off his former wife's finger during the assault, and also injured three other people on the premise. The prosecution raised the charges against him on June 6, charging him with trespassing on a property and assaulting and harming a person.

If convicted of trespassing, the suspect will face up to four months and 24 days in jail. A conviction for assault carries a sentence of one month and six days in jail, while the basic penalty for causing harm is one year, seven months, and six days in jail.

The suspect was arrested following the attack, and initially remanded in custody pending the outcome of the trial. However, he was later released by Villingili Magistrate Court. The court released the man while he was sentenced to 150 days in jail for contempt of court.

The prosecution said it has filed a new request to once again remand the man in custody, pending the outcome of the trial. A hearing has been scheduled for June 13 to decide on his remand.