Authorities to recommend amending laws to stop 'India Out' campaign

The Parliamentary Committee on Security Services, the '241 Committee', will be instructing the relevant authorities to recommend stopping the opposition, Progressive Congress Coalition's "India Out" campaign by amending the relevant laws.

A motion on the 'India Out' campaign was moved by Parliament Speaker, stating that the movement was a threat to national security. The 241 Committee investigated the issue and compiled a report, which includes 24 main findings.

Referring to a report sent to the committee by the Home Ministry, the report said phrases used on social media in connection with the India Out campaign and how the campaign was being carried out have led to threats and calls for violence. The committee report also cited the Home Ministry report as saying that the India Out campaign would have adverse impacts on Indians traveling to India for medical treatment and various purposes and those residing in India.

The committee report quoted a report sent to the committee from the Foreign Ministry as saying that activities carried out under the India Out campaign are causing serious harm to the security of the Maldives and its people. The report also noted that the country's internal stability and security could be adversely affected.

The committee report quoted the police as saying that the India Out protestors were disobedient to the police measures taken in connection with the India Out movement. The report noted that people with criminal records are participating in the campaign and such people are likely to commit dangerous acts.

Citing information sent to the committee by the defense ministry, the committee report said the India Out campaign is the most dangerous campaign being carried out in the Maldives in recent history and that the movement is detrimental to the safety and security of Indians living in the Maldives, and Maldivians residing in India.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih recently issued a presidential decree directing state agencies to stop the India Out campaign, deeming it a threat to national security. However, the opposition has Indian military personnel remains in the Maldives.