In talks with gov't on raising taxi fares: Drivers

Some taxi drivers have said drivers are in talks with the government to raise taxi fares.

Some taxi drivers who spoke on the condition of anonymity told AVAS that although the government has refused to raise the prices of taxis in the past, the government now has a different mindset.

A driver said as oil and commodity prices have soared in the global market, he hoped the government would bring about a positive change in taxi fares.

"The truth is that all services except taxis have become more expensive. Therefore, the government now believes that a change in taxi fares is necessary under the current circumstances," the driver said.

The driver said that while the current talks are semi-formal, it is likely that the government would consider taxi drivers and make arrangements this time.

According to some social media users, some taxi drivers are already charging higher prices due to the increase in fuel prices.

The Ministry of Transport has fixed the fares for taxi services in the Greater Male' Area. Rides between Male' and Hulhule' is set at MVR 60, as well as between Hulhumale' and Hulhule'. The taxi fare within Male' is MVR 25, and between Male' and Hulhumale' Phase I is MVR 75.

The Transport Ministry has not yet commented on the issue.