Taxi fares hiked due to increase in fuel cost

The government has officially announced a price hike for taxi fares.

The Transport Ministry Tuesday said that it is allowing taxi fares to be increased in response to the increase in fuel costs.

In this regard, the fare will be MVR 30 for trips within Male', Hulhumale' Phase I, and Hulhumale' Phase II. Trips between Male' and Hulhumale' Phase I will now cost MVR 85, and MVR 100 for trips between Male' and Hulhumale' Phase II.

Furthermore, a trip between Male' and airport island Hulhule' will be MVR 70. The fare for airport trips from Hulhumale' Phase II is MVR 85. The updated fare for trips between Hulhumale' Phase I and Hulhumale' Phase II is MVR 40.

Taxis have been traveling at higher fares even before the government officially announced the increase, with different taxis charging different prices. Despite many complaints from the public, the Transport Ministry did little besides threatening to take action against drivers if higher fares were charged.

The Ministry of Transport is among the worst managed ministries of the current government. There are many complaints about the ministry.