Hulhumale' population at 92,000

There are currently over 92,000 people living in Hulhumale', the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has said.

The figures were released by the HDC on the occasion of International Population Day.

According to HDC, the reclaimed suburb currently has a population of 92,000. However, HDC said the company aims to increase Hulhumale's population to 230,000, with 87,000 people residing in Phase I and 143,000 people in Phase II.

HDC said the company is also working to increase employment opportunities in Hulhumale'. The target is to create 100,039 jobs, the company said.

HDC further said when Hulhumale' development reaches completion, the city would have 36 schools, 20 mosques and 30 institutional buildings.

The population of Hulhumale' increased suddenly when residents began moving into the 7,000 flats built in Phase II by former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom. The current government is also working on developing 4,000 housing units Hulhumale', as well as allocating 1,000 plots to Male' residents.