Leaked videos: Alamgiri remanded in custody for five days

The Criminal Court has remanded Bangladeshi national MD Alamgiri in custody for five days.

Alamgiri filmed himself having homosexual relations with several local men, including politicians, prominent businessmen, and law enforcement officials. Some of these videos have been leaked on social media platforms. The police arrested him on Tuesday under a court order. He is accused of having homosexual relations and blackmailing a large number of people.

Some of the videos that have been released so far show Alamgiri engaging in sexual acts with a man believed to be Parliament Speaker and former President of the Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed's brother Nazim Abdul Sattar, and a man believed to be a police officer working in the Drug Enforcement Department. A video clip has also been released of a man believed to be Colonel Mohamed Nasheed, although sexual acts are not seen in the video. The videos were made by setting up a camera before people were brought to Alamgiri's bedroom.

After the videos were leaked, Alamgiri's passport was seized before his arrest. Following public outrage regarding the videos, Alamgiri released a video apologizing to the Maldivian people for his actions, putting down his actions to being extremely poor and not being able to tell between good and evil.