MDP members are requesting Nasheed's impeachment: Aslam

Main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)'s Parliamentary Group leader Mohamed Aslam has said several party MPs are requesting to remove Parliament Spreaker Mohamed Nasheed from the position.

Aslam's statement comes while some MDP members have expressed their dissatisfaction with Nasheed's remarks that he had photographs showing President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih committing adultery with a girl.

Aslam, who is currently abroad, said the matter would be investigated, and necessary action will be taken as per policy once the case is formally filed.

"Several members have called me, but as the complaint has not been formally filed, I told the members that I will only be able to proceed once a formal complaint is filed," Aslam said.

The Parliament is currently on vacation and will reconvene in August. Speaker Nasheed is currently in the United Kingdom.

The Speaker of Parliament may be removed from office through a resolution by one-fourth of the total members of Parliament stating the reasons for his removal. In the current parliament, the resolution will require the signatures of at least 22 members. Upon the submission of the resolution, a no-confidence motion against the Speaker can be passed with a Parliament majority - 43 out of 87 members.