Dhangethi murder: Case filed to reaffirm death sentence

The Criminal Court has asked the High Court to reaffirm the death sentence handed down against Bangladesh's Sha Alom 'Salim' Mia in the murder of Dhangethi businessman Mahmood Aboobakuru.

Mahmood, 57, was found murdered inside a well in an abandoned house in Dhangethi on October 15. Bangladeshi migrant worker Sha Alom, 29, who worked on the island as a live-in caretaker of an elderly man, was arrested for the murder the following day. The State raised two charges against him: Murder with intent and the abuse of a corpse. Sha Alom admitted to committing the crime during the investigation and pled guilty to both charges in court.

The victim's seven heirs agreed that they wished to seek 'Qisas' or equal retribution for Mahmood's murder and said they did not want blood money or 'Diyat'. In this regard, the Criminal Court sentenced Salim to death on February 27.

As per the law, if a person sentenced to death does not appeal the court's verdict, the prosecution must submit the case to the High Court to ensure the validity of the lower court's verdict.

The prosecution filed the case in the High Court on Monday. The High Court has not yet decided whether to accept the case.

Mahmood, 57, was killed after a confrontation when he refused to give money to Salim. Mahmood was stabbed in the neck, head, and chest with a knife and sharp iron rods.