Leaked videos: Police seek formal charges against three

Maldives Police Service has forwarded the cases of three people who had homosexual relations with a Bangladeshi man to the Prosecutor General's Office for charging.

MD Alamgiri filmed himself having homosexual relations with a large number of Maldivian men, including politicians, businessmen, and government employees. While Alamgiri has now been arrested, the videos are still being leaked.

The police are seeking to raise formal charges against Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed's brother, Nazim Abdul Sattar, former Nolhivaram MP Mohamed 'Colonel' Nasheed, and Abdul Rahman Rafeeq, an officer of the police's Drug Enforcement Department.

The Prosecutor General's Office confirmed that the police investigated the cases of the three men and sent them to the office for prosecution. The charges were requested under the Penal Code and the Sexual Offenses Act.

If convicted under the Sexual Offense Act, the trio faces five to seven years in prison. A prison sentence will also be handed under the Penal Code.

In an interview with AVAS on Tuesday, Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed said 38 people had been identified as having had same-sex relationships with Alamgiri. They will be sent for prosecution as soon as their cases are investigated, he said.

Police said Monday that they had seized the passports of 18 people in connection with the case.

The police said as soon as the identities of the people in the videos are verified, the information is shared with their workplaces. Based on the information shared by the police, the agencies have now suspended some employees and dismissed some.