Ameenee Magu construction kicks off in Male' City

The practical work of tarring Ameenee Magu in Male' City has officially commenced.

The Road Development Corporation (RDC) was awarded the contract to lay asphalt on Ameenee Magu on July 3. The cost of the project is MVR 84 million.

The project was inaugurated at a Tuesday ceremony by former Male' City Mayor Maizan Ali Manik, current Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, State Minister of the Planning Ministry Akram Kamaluddin, Road Development Corporation (RDC)'s Managing Director Moosa Ali Manik, and Henveiru South MP Hussain Shaheem.

Speaking at the ceremony, RDC's Managing Director Moosa Ali Manik said the work would be completed within seven months. He said the road would be built to last as long as possible and to be as convenient as possible for all road users. Braille blocks will be laid to facilitate the blind, and the road will be made more accessible for wheelchair users, he said.

Ameenee Magu is the most used road in the city. Therefore, there will be difficulties during the construction of this road, Moosa said. However, he said he would work with all relevant parties to make arrangements to bring ease to the people.

"The main electricity cables of the city are on this road. The main pipes of MWSC are on this road. All the main cables of DHIRAAGU and Ooredoo are on this road. We all understand that basic services will be disrupted to some extent during the road's construction. During such situations, I urge the city's residents to practice patience and cooperate with the efforts,” Moosa said.

An area of 1.7 kilometers will be tarred during Ameenee Magu construction. A modern drainage system will also be installed, and street lights will be re-installed. Bus stops, signboards, and bumpers will also be constructed in such a way that the road's existing greenery is not lost, RDC said.

Moosa said the true situation of the road would become apparent only when the road is excavated, and the work necessary can be determined after that. Stabilizing the city's ground will be carried out alongside road construction, and arrangements will be made to make things easier for essential service providers, he said.

“In order to solve the problem of flooding, which is always the biggest complaint associated with this road, we will be installing additional pump stations along with a stormwater management system,' Moosa added.

The construction of Ameenee Magu was awarded to RDC as a separate project after the government signed an agreement with the Male' City Council to construct 16 roads, including Ameenee Magu. There were differences of opinion between the City Council, the RDC, and the Planning Ministry on the matter. However, the differences will be resolved, and the roads will be constructed in accordance with the agreement signed with the City Council, officials who spoke at the ceremony said.

Mayor Muizzu attended the inauguration ceremony of the construction of Ameenee Magu but was not given the opportunity to speak at the ceremony. Former Mayor Maizan Ali Manik was the guest of honor at the ceremony.