VP inaugurates Hulhumale' Phase II's first school

Hulhumale' Phase II's first school, the Kamil Didi Primary School opened on Sunday.

The school was inaugurated by Vice President Faisal Naseem at a special assembly held at the school Sunday morning. The ceremony was attended by Education Minister Dr. Aisha Ali.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Vice President said the government gives top priority to education. He said the government hopes to produce children who will benefit society.

"The government, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, give top priority and importance to education -- by Working to expand education and doing whatever it takes to produce such [beneficial] children for the country," he said.

The school is named after the first Minister of Education, Al-Ustaz Ahmed Kamil Didi, who was appointed under the first Constitution of the Maldives.

Speaking at the ceremony, Education Minister Dr. Aisha Ali said the motto of the school refers to Ahmed Kamil Didi's hobbies, which were reading and writing.

“The pre-school adjacent to the school will also be opened this year, and hopefully, the other school being constructed for Phase II students, the Salahuddin School, will be opened in the second term of this academic year. The school will cater to students from grades LKG to the 10th grade,” she said.

The minister said the opening of Kamil Didi School would bring great convenience to the second-phase residents.

“I wish Kamil Didi Primary School to be an environment where the students are accepted for who they are, where their feelings are acknowledged, where they will be happy,” the minister said.

The Kamil Didi Primary School has a capacity of 824 students from LKG to grade six. The school, developed by SJ Construction, has a total of 24 classrooms. Only part of the school was opened on Sunday, which includes 12 classrooms.

The Ministry of Education is also working to open a second school called Jameel Didi Pre-School in Hulhumale' Phase II next month.