Final opportunity to sign Hiyaa flat agreements

The Planning Ministry has said the final opportunity to sign the Hiyaa Flat agreements would expire on September 29.

Some recipients of the social housing units under the Hiyaa housing scheme have not yet signed the agreement. The Planning Ministry said in an announcement that all 6,720 recipients of the flats have been given a long period to finalize arrangements and sign the flat agreements and that there are still 40 recipients who have not signed their agreements with the Housing Development Corporation (HDC).

The ministry said it has decided to give a final opportunity to sign the agreements and that if those who have not signed the agreements do not sign the documents before the 29th of this month, they will lose their flats.

HDC started signing agreements with Hiyaa recipients in July last year. The Hiyaa neighborhood has been developed with many services, and most recipients have moved into their flats. Commercial services are now available at the Hiyaa towers.