MIRA to publicize names of defaulting taxpayers

Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA) will be publicizing the names of those who have not filed their GST, green tax, and withholding tax returns and have not made due tax payments for the taxable periods till the end of last year.

The names of these people will be announced this month under the authority's Policy on Disclosure of Non-compliant taxpayers.

The names of tax and other non-tax defaulters will be disclosed by MIRA during different months of the year. MIRA said the names of those who have not filed their income tax returns or paid their income tax for the previous year would be announced in October.

MIRA has started taking additional measures under its enforcement policy to recover unpaid taxes and other funds. The authority urged those who have not filed their tax returns to file them as soon as possible and those who have not paid their taxes to pay their taxes without delay or enter into a tax payment agreement with MIRA.