Health sector salaries to be increased once study is completed

The President's Office has said that the salaries of health workers will be increased once the Pay Commission concludes its ongoing work related t the matter.

Presidential Spokesperson Miuwan Mohammed told reporters today that the Pay Commission is conducting a study on the salary increase for health workers. He assured that the work was progressing without delays.

Miuwan said the Pay Commission is working to equalize the salaries of the health sector as well as salaries of government jobs as a whole.

The date of the salary increase for the health sector has not yet been announced. However, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih earlier this month announced at the 3rd Viavathi Raajje conference that the salary change would be brought to the health workers soon. The President said the health system faces significant challenges and needs to be further improved.

The President had previously communicated that the study on increasing the salaries of healthcare workers would be completed this year.

Earlier this year, the government increased the salaries of education employees. With the change, many teachers' salaries have increased to nearly MVR 20,000.