Funds for health sector projects already secured: Spokesperson

The funds to carry out health sector projects in the Maldives have already been secured, the government has said.

Speaking at a press conference at the President's Office on Thursday, Spokesperson Miuwan Mohamed said the projects to develop tertiary hospitals and further strengthen health centers and hospitals in the atolls are underway in all parts of the country.

“Funding for all projects in the health sector has now been secured,” Miuwan said.

Miuwan said there had been cases where there have been changes to estimated project costs due to significant changes in prices in the global market. Some health sector projects are in the tendering stage while others are in the pre-tendering stage, he added.

Noting that next year will be a year of major changes in the health sector, Miuwan said the government is working to develop hospitals in the atolls to be on par with the services available in Male'. Once the hospitals in the atolls are developed, arrangements will be facilitated for those in islands to obtain healthcare services from nearby islands instead of having to travel to Male', the spokesperson said.