Gov't must prioritize Addu to gain support: Nasheed

The government will only get support if it gives special priority to the development of southernmost Addu City, Parliament Speaker and the President of the main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Mohamed Nasheed has said.

Nasheed made the statement this while speaking at a meeting with MDP members in Hithadhoo island during his ongoing visit to Addu City.

Nasheed said past governments had not done right by Addu City. He said he believes the current government can gain support if it prioritizes the development of Addu City and works towards it.

“We should not stop our efforts to try and find betterment for this city,” Nasheed said.

Noting that many resources were available in Addu City, Nasheed said the government should pay more attention to Addu City if it wished to increase support.

The attendants at the meeting were given the opportunity to express their views. Some criticized MDP's leaders and said the party's senior leaders had not visited Addu City enough over the past four years.

After listening to the complaints, President Nasheed, who is on his first visit to Addu in the last four years, said he would visit Addu more often in the coming days. He said his plans to visit Addu were delayed due to the assassination attempt on him in May last year and the situation that ensued.

While Nasheed has called on the government to prioritize Addu City, the current government has been carrying out several development projects targeted at Addu City. Addu's Mayor, Ali Nizar, has also acknowledged that the current government gives priority to Addu.