Agreement signing stage reached for development of three airports

Planning Minister Mohamed Aslam has said that the agreement signing stage had been reached with three companies for the development of new airports.

Replying to a question by Vilifushi MP Hassan Afeef at Wednesday's Parliament session, Minister Aslam said at least $3 million should be proposed for the development of the airports.

“Then, we have to consider the size and location of the island where they [the developers] want to build a resort. Even if the price is less than $3 million, [minimum] $3 million should be paid,” Aslam said.

The minister said the MoU signing stage requires payment within 45 days. Once the money is paid, a lease agreement will be entered with the Tourism Ministry regarding the lease of the island, he said.

Minister Aslam said all three companies that submitted proposals for the airports were serious about the project. However, one company said it needs six months to pay the money. However, he said that the government does not wish to spend too much time on the process and will not be extending the payment duration.

The Planning Ministry has announced airport projects for HDh. Makunudhoo, Sh. Bilehfahi, B. Thulhaadhoo, Th. Vilufushi, F. Magoodhoo, and a R. atoll island. The government has set a minimum bid price of $3 million for financing in the expression of interest.