"Six additional airports need to be developed" - Planning Minister

Planning Minister Mohamed Aslam has stated that six additional airports have to be developed in order to realize the government's vision of making all inhabited islands accessible within 20 minutes of travel from the nearest airport.

Speaking at a ceremony held Sunday to inaugurate Maafaru International Airport (MIA), Minister Aslam said the government hopes to develop the airports in the upcoming years.

"We are working to develop airports across Maldives. We require six more airports in addition to the airports currently being developed. We hope to develop the airports in the upcoming years. The locations where airports need to be developed have already been decided," said Aslam.

Minister Aslam said an efficient sea travel network is important, and said work will commence next year to strengthen the sea transport network.

"It is impossible to develop an airport on every inhabited island. People will not travel via air once a day. People use taxis or buses daily. The way the Maldives is formed calls for the establishment of an efficient domestic maritime system," said the minister.