Leaked videos: DED officer sentenced to one year in prison

Policeman Abdul Rahman Rafeeu has been sentenced to one year and two months in jail for having homosexual relations with Bangladeshi man MD Alamgir.

MD Alamgir filmed himself having homosexual relations with several local men, including politicians, prominent businessmen, and law enforcement officials. Some of these videos have been leaked on social media platforms. While several of these men have been identified, charges have been raised against three people thus far, including Rafeeu, Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed's brother, Nazim Abdul Sattar, and former Nolhivaram MP Mohamed Nasheed,

The police officer, Rafeeu, pleaded guilty to the charges against him in a hearing held earlier this week. Therefore, the case was expedited. In the sentencing hearing held Thursday, the judge sentenced him to one year, two months, and 12 days in jail. However, since he has been in police custody following his arrest, he will be required to serve one year, one month, and 28 days.

While Alamgir has already been found guilty and sentenced to seven months in jail, Nazim Sattar was sentenced to three months and 26 days under house arrest. The trials of the other people involved are still ongoing.