Leaked videos: "Boss" remanded in custody for 15 days

Two men arrested for recording videos of a Bangladeshi citizen having homosexual relations and using the videos for blackmailing have been remanded in custody.

Bangladeshi citizen MD Alamgir filmed himself having homosexual relations with several local men, including politicians, prominent businessmen, and law enforcement officials. The videos were used to extort people through blackmail. While Alamgir has already been sentenced to seven months and six days in jail for having homosexual relations, two people have been arrested for using the explicit videos for blackmailing.

The police last week arrested Hamdhoon Abdulla, 37, from HDh. Hanimaadhoo, and a 24-year-old local man. The Criminal Court remanded Hamdhoon in custody for 15 days while the 24-year-old was booked for seven days.

Hamdhoon rented the apartment where the scenes of Alamgir having homosexual relations were recorded. In the leaked statement given to the police by Alamgir, he addressed Hamdhoon as 'boss'.

The State has raised forty additional counts of producing pornographic material against Alamgir. While he has pleaded guilty to the charges, sentencing has been scheduled for September 28.