Pres Solih inaugurates Naavaidhoo water supply system

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Monday officially inaugurated the installation of the water supply service in Naivaadhoo Island of Haa Dhaalu atoll.

The development of Naavaidhoo's water supply system was awarded to Sasi Construction Pvt Ltd on September 29, 2019, for MVR 15.3 million. The practical work of the project kicked off on October 20, 2019. The project reached completion on June 16 this year.

The scope of Naavaidhoo water supply project included the construction of a 4.5 km water system network, installation of two RO plants, placing two water tanks that can store 40 tonnes of water per day, and an additional tank for storing 150 tonnes of rainwater.

FENAKA Corporation Limited commenced the water supply service on the island on August 7, 2022, and supplied water to 174 households.

Naavaidhoo faces a serious shortage of clean water during the rainy season. The inauguration of the water system will provide a permanent solution to the problem, the island's council said.