Alamgir sentenced to two years in jail on 40 charges

The Criminal Court has sentenced Bangladeshi citizen MD Alamgir to two years and eight months in jail on 40 charges.

Alamgir filmed himself having homosexual relations with several local men, including politicians, prominent businessmen, and law enforcement officials. He was arrested and charged with three counts of homosexuality, to which he pleaded guilty. The Criminal Court sentenced him to seven months and six days in jail on August 31.

Earlier this month, the state raised additional charges against him. Alamgir pleaded guilty to 40 counts of producing pornographic material at a hearing held on September 25. The basic punishment for these charges carries 27 days in jail for each count. By this count, he faces a prison sentence of two years and 11 months. However, he will serve two years and eight months in jail as he has already spent time in jail.

In addition to Alamgir, lawyer Nazim Abdul Sattar and police DED officer Abdul Rahman Rafiu have been charged and sentenced for having homosexual relations with Alamgir. Nazim is serving a three-month and 26-day house arrest sentence, while Rafiu was sentenced to one year, two months, and 12 days in jail. The trial of former Nolhivaram MP Mohamed Nasheed is also ongoing.

Police have arrested three people for allegedly using the videos shot by Alamgir to blackmail several people and extort large sums of money from them.